Here’s Why You (yes, YOU) Are in Sales


(the crowd cringes…)

You’re in sales, did you know that?

(now I can hear the crowd beginning to moan, groan, and grind their teeth..)

Some people start to have terrible flashbacks when they here that “S” word… The modern salesperson is almost the equivalent of the “Boogey Man.” Most people can’t stand a “salesman/saleswoman”. These thoughts often come to mind: manipulation, over-promising, under-delivering, smoke and mirrors, high-pressure, sneaky, pesky, annoying, etc.

Sales isn’t actually any of those things though, even though some people mis-represent it. Sales is simply the ability to get what you want out of a situation, instead of passively accepting what’s handed to you (here’s another great post on why you need to get on offense in order to get what you want out of life). That situation could be a business transaction, an argument with your spouse, getting your kids to obey the first time, simply the great big situation we call LIFE.

Everything in life is a sell.

Your relationship, for example, is a constant negotiation. You had to close that person you’re with on a first date! You had to sell yourself, and they did the same to you. In fact, you have to continue to sell that person daily if you plan to keep them around. Not only are you selling them the product of “you”, but you’re also continually selling yourself on the fact that you do want to continue to be with them. If you’re not completely sold by your partner, then you might want to re-consider. If you, yourself, are not sold out to the person you’re with, then you should probably re-visit why you got closed on that person in the first place.

Your job, no matter your title, is always a sales battle ground. Maybe you’re actually selling a product/service, in which the sell is obvious. For many people, there’s not actual “selling” involved in your job description- but wait- you’re not getting off that easy. You might be trying to sell your boss on why you’re deserving of a promotion/raise. You might be selling your co-workers on liking you and inviting you out to happy hour with them. At the lowest level, maybe you’re just selling your boss on why they should keep you around and not fire you.

Regardless of your title, position, income, or passion… You have to first realize that it’s up to you to get what you want from life. When you can recognize that life is completely and entirely up to you, then you can start to get the outcomes in situations that you want, instead of the outcomes that other people want for you. Trust me, no one wants better for you than you want for yourself. Don’t settle for less!

What’s your occupation, and what’s your “sales” role? Maybe you don’t think you’re in sales… Why not?

Let’s hear some feedback!