Where you are .VS. Where you want to go!

Birthday thoughts from our Creative Director
Anna Armstrong

Success As I look back on the 24th anniversary of my life this last weekend (yay me!) I’ve caught myself reminiscing a lot this past week as well as looking into the future!I’ve realized the life of a young 20something consists of a mixture of feelings ranging from feeling like a brilliant success to a complete and utter failure, all while being hungry and feigning youthful wisdom and know-how!
Post high school the world is our oyster and we can’t wait to crack it! But then it seems just finding the damn oyster is an issue!! What do I want to do? Well I went to college for XYZ degree but that’s not what I’m using… man, listen to Tori Kelly’s voice, I like to sing, I should be a pop star… Cara Delivigne is killing this modeling thing, maybe I’ll go into fashion… okay Kerry Washington, I see you! I could totally be Olivia Pope, maybe I’ll go into politics and run this bitch… and on and on and on this cycle goes of not knowing what the hell you want to do with your life! Then you talk to the ACTUAL adults and they’re like “hey kid don’t worry! So many people didn’t find their ‘thing’ until they were quite a bit older than you. It’s a ‘journey’. You’ll figure it out”. But for us young ambitious types, that’s not super comforting! “You’ll figure it out” sounds like a euphemism for “you’re wandering aimlessly but don’t feel bad about it” ?.

Truth be told, I have no idea what I want to do with my life! I thought I did. Turns out that was 5 years of the wrong thing. I can’t call them waisted because they helped form me into who I am today. But apparently that’s how these stories go! What I do know is my heart is searching for that thing that will fan my young ego and make me feel like a boss babe! Lol 😉Success
Until then, my lesson at 23 and I’m sure it will carry over into 24 is, patience. It’s not glam or rad, but it’s real! I’m learning to embrace my journey and realize that, like a fine and admired wine, things take time. I know my ambition will lead me to a place of “aha!” (well at least one of the many aha’s life has to offer) but until then I’ll keep searching and working and trying new things! I won’t spend 24 wishing I was Cara Delivigne or Jennifer Lawrence… I’ll spend 24 happy as Anna Armstrong fearlessly taking on my slice of life one day at a time!!

If you made it this far into my post I applaud you! Lol. If it resonates with you just know ?you’ve got a friend in me? and if you’re just a fan of my witty writing then, thanks! 😉 either way! Keep your head up today and conquer your dreams:)